Coronacast 23: Theresa

Theresa Moore thinks about history. More, she thinks about how we think about history. So when I consider what this moment means for our collective history, I want to listen to Theresa.

Theresa founded T-Time Productions to bring untold inspiring stories to life. With projects like Third and Long, a documentary which examines civil rights in this country through the integration of pro football, she weaves education and entertainment via great storytelling.

Theresa seeks to bring more accurate and inclusive histories into the classroom, as textbooks and classroom materials traditionally tell a one-sided and exclusive version of what happened. “Some of this historical stuff lays the foundation for some of the challenges and systemic issues we have right now,” she pointed out.

Witnessing the uneven impacts of COVID-19, educational inequities made worse by distance learning, and the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd has not been easy, but it has reinforced Theresa’s work and purpose. “At certain points, I just had to shut down and process and regroup,” she acknowledged.

Theresa draws, not surprisingly, on history — in this case, her own family’s legacy. “I look at the history of my ancestors. As a people, we can look back and look at the strength and the dignity and the grace that we have come through some of these things,” she notes. “And it doesn’t mean that we’re not pushing for change, but it does give me hope that that’s the underlying lineage and foundation of how we’re going to deal with this.”