Coronacast 20: David

David Pollak grew up in Rhode Island (and he has the t-shirt to prove it). His technology career began with the Rhode Island Civil Defense in the late 1970s. He currently lives in San Francisco (making him the first Coronacast guest to date from a different time zone).

David took time from his weekend to share with me some thoughts on the past few months, from being “incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful” to live in an area with relatively few COVID-19 cases, to his meaningful career at Cisco supporting remote work for so many people these days, to the loss of a friend to the disease. “It’s something that I never expected to experience in my life.”

David has clearly thought a lot about the current moment, which he hopes is an inflection point for our world. As many others have expressed, he feels hope for what could be and fear of the alternative. “I hope what comes out of it is a positively changed world in which we feel connected because we are connected,” David concluded. “We are connected, and therefore we can do good for each other, we can be kind to each other, we can include each other.”

Yes, please.