Coronacast 16: Lisa

If you’re looking for a wicked smart, kickass champion of a worthy cause, look no further than Lisa Guillette, executive director of Foster Forward.

Trust me, you want Lisa on your side.

The pandemic hasn’t slowed things down for Foster Forward, but Lisa was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with me. Here’s my primary takeaway from our conversation: the pandemic has proven the universality of the agency’s five focus areas for foster youth. As we rebuild our world, education, housing, income, supportive and trusted advisors, and mental well-being seem like pretty good places to start.

“I’m hoping that the silver lining in all of this,” Lisa said, “is that it really pushes a common agenda that helps people live healthier, more successful lives.” I’m hoping that, too.

My second major takeaway from Lisa? Get a puppy.