Coronacast 15: Elyse

“It really is a grab bag of everything I love,” Providence Media Editor in Chief Elyse Major says about her job. She describes Providence Media, which publishes five local print magazines, as “feel good content for the everyday person.”

I suspect that grab bag was bounced up and down a few dozen times, and maybe thrown against the wall once or twice, over the past few months. As coronavirus spread through our communities, Elyse was for several weeks the company’s single editorial staff member. That means she was finding, writing, distributing, and promoting content online while considering the future of their magazines.

It was a lot. A lot of work, a lot of hours, a lot of stress, a lot of change. Elyse focused on supporting their small business partners and pivoting to more current stories. “Instantly, I made that switch,” she describes, “from the later to the now.”

She’s been inspired by the resourcefulness and sheer determination of her fellow entrepreneurs. (You can get a taste for that in their COVID-19 Rhody Resources round-up.) Quoting Governor Raimondo, Elyse says, “‘There’s no option to stop.’ That’s sort of been my mantra. Like, there’s no option to stop. We have to just all do what we can to make this work.”

No matter the uncertainty, Elyse’s mission remains true: “I want to show everyday people doing special things to make your own little corner of the world lovely and interesting.” 

We thank you, Elyse and Providence Media, for making Rhode Island a little more lovely.

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