Coronacast 13: Carmen

Carmen Diaz-Jusino is a helper. Personally and professionally, she makes it her mission to know what people need and to connect them with others who can help.

Carmen started a new job (as vice president of community development at Bank Newport) during the quarantine. In that role, she builds on her long career as a coach, teacher, nurturer, and enthusiastic supporter for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

She’s also working with a group of community members to meet the needs of undocumented Rhode Island residents during COVID-19. As Carmen said, the new immigrant community “is hurting a lot. A lot. They’re very scared. A lot of them are sick. It’s difficult. This is a very difficult time.”

Carmen has hope, though, and it comes from watching others dig deep. “I know we’re going to come out of this, and I really hope that the kindness and the humanity that we are seeing stay with us,” she offered. “And that we see each other as just human beings, and not as documented/undocumented, just as human beings.”