Coronacast 11: Knock it off, Frog & Toad

“For all the huggers that are out there,” declares Asher Schofield, “this has been a difficult time.”

Thankfully, in these challenging times we have a little extra Rhode Island flavored splash of human niceness courtesy of Frog & Toad. Asher is co-owner of Frog & Toad, and he describes it as “a novelty store that sells frivolous things.” (Disclaimer: It’s my favorite novelty store that sells frivolous things.)

We will now forever know Frog & Toad as the creator of the official Rhode Island t-shirt of COVID-19, inspired by our governor’s tough love. You can proudly wear Governor Raimondo’s now-famous “knock it off” admonition and feel good because 20% of the sales are going to the COVID-19 Response Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation. Rhode Islanders have bought more than 9,500 t-shirts, Asher shared, resulting in $41,000 for the response fund.

(That’s right: $41,000. Didn’t I tell you that we take our t-shirts seriously in Rhode Island?)

Asher, like his beloved store, is a delight. You definitely don’t want to miss the parts of our conversation where he:

  • Describes the origins and evolution of Knock It Off. “It really projected to me what is so amazing about living in Rhode Island.”
  • Casually name drops another venerable Rhode Island small business legend.
  • Declares that we are bros.
  • Ponders the future of Frog & Toad and his responsibilities as a business owner.

There’s too much fun here for me to summarize, so please watch, buy local, and generously support our nonprofits and small businesses.

And virtual hugs to everyone.