Coronacast 8: Jodie

Jodie Vinson is program manager at What Cheer Writers Club, a nonprofit that connects and supports “Rhode Island’s makers of the written, spoken, and illustrated word.”

(Side note: it’s really challenging for me to say What Cheer Writers Club.)

Jodie spoke with me about the impact of the coronavirus on the creative community (yes, the introverts among us do feel the ill effects of isolation) and the Club (“it lit a fire under us” to try out different ways of delivering support to members).

Her main takeaway from this time? “A renewed appreciation for the community and a renewed dedication to it.” Amen.

The team and members of What Cheer Writers Club have kept the creative content coming. When their space in downtown Providence reopens, I hope you’ll visit. (I’ve been known to drool over the nooks.)

Coronacast 7: Ian

The coronavirus crisis has reinforced the crucial role of local news outlets, and Rhode Island’s press corps has responded with robust reporting.

Ian Donnis is a long-time local reporter who has dug into many meaty Rhode Island stories. Way back when, Ian and I would grab lunch in downtown Providence (and, oh, how I miss that).

Ian spoke with me about what it’s like to cover the many ways in which coronavirus is impacting people across the state. He described it plainly, “There’s a lot of hurt and pain out there.”

We also talked about his old guys’ baseball league (Ian is unsure how social distancing will work in the dugout), the current supermarket experience, and his hat.

Follow Ian on twitter and look for his work on The Public’s Radio. And support your local news outlets!

Coronacast 6: Adam

I had the good fortune of talking with self-described sentimental guy Adam Greenman, CEO of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, on his birthday.

The “how are you?” question is a struggle for everyone these days, and Adam coined a new response, declaring, “I’m good in corona-adjusted terms.”

He spoke about the paradox of feeling hopeful during this difficult time. “It’s hard to say this, because it’s such a hard moment, to acknowledge that there are good things happening in the midst of all this tragedy and in the midst of all this uncertainty,” Adam said. “I’ve been super inspired by how quickly society has been able to transition, and step out of comfort zones, to figure out how to keep going.”


And if you’re not into that kind of thing, hopefully you’ll enjoy the t-shirt banter. Happy Birthday, Adam! Thanks for doing what you do.